Medical Weight Loss Services: A Great Option For Flexible Spending Accounts

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) also known as Healthcare Flexible Spending Accounts or Medical Reimbursement plans offer tax savings because the participant is able to fund the plan with pre-tax dollars. Many flexible spending accounts now have a grace period with the use it or lose it date extended until March 15. If this is your situation and you are wondering what to do with the best chirorpractor nj  left over funds in your flexible spending account before they expire, then consider health and wellness services.

Many wellness clinics accept flex pay cards and even provide the opportunity to prepay for program fees. This is a great option to spend the balance of a flexpay account and receive a lifelong benefit to better not only your weight but your general health.

Some of the more common health problems related to obesity are: high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, diabetes and osteoarthritis. As a physician supervised medical weight loss clinic we have generally experienced that our patients are requiring less medical care after losing weight. The good news is most obesity related health issues are reversible, with weight loss.

Do something great for yourself, exercise more, eat better and if you cannot lose weight on your own, find a local medical weight loss clinic and get professional help. When searching for a reputable clinic, consider the following: Ask questions, be informed, get references from other patients, find out the costs involved, what ongoing support is available.

My best advise, Never Give Up!

Good luck and happy weight loss!

Anita Gibson is the owner of Advanced Weight Loss Clinics. The AWLC approach uses medications, vitamin injection therapy, supplements and meal planning to insure success.



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